It's Time for You to Take Your Control Back
"It is possible to break free of the constraints of your job, paycheck, and debt, but it will require a total overhaul of how you currently think and operate. The Be Your Own CEO Boot Camp is designed to help walk you through that process. I look forward to potentially helping guide you through that journey.."

Module 1:Breaking Free From a Default Lifestyle 

The default lifestyle is likely the narrative that is governing your life and keeping you confined where you are. In this module, we will go in detail on what the default lifestyle is, the limitations of it, and how it impacts your thoughts and beliefs about work, time, money, and financial freedom.

Module 2: Reprogramming Your Mind 

In this module, we will take a deep dive into understanding how your mind functions and identify the limiting thoughts and faulty beliefs that may be holding you back from truly living life on your own terms.

Module 3: Getting Clear on Who You Are and What You Want

It's difficult to get what we want out of life when you are unsure of what want. Therefore, this module is all about getting clarity. You will get crystal clear on exactly what it is you want in your life and get a glimpse of how awesome and powerful you really are.

Module 4: Becoming a CEO and Manifesting Abundance

This is where it all comes together. You will learn exactly what it means to be CEO (Controlling Economic Owner) of your life. Specifically we will cover taking back control over every area of your life, creating your own economy, and making ownership a top priority.

The "Be Your Own CEO" Boot Camp is a 30-day online experience designed to help ambitious, driven Millennial 9-5ers who feel they have lost control of their lives due to factors low wages, debts, and fears about the future learn how to elevate their mindset, establish multiple streams. and expand their capacity to receive more so the can regain control, feel financially stable, and live their desired lifestyle.

The boot camp last for 30 days and is divided into two sections. The first section includes course modules that deal with shifting your mindset to help expand your capacity to receive in a much bigger way, and the other section is composed of daily action steps designed to help attack debt in your life. 

The Boot Camp costs $499 and will require you to schedule a call with me before joining to ensure that:

1) You get crystal clear on what you are investing in an get all questions answered

2) We can both be confident it's a good fit.
Be Your Own CEO Boot Camp Overview